Best Brekky in Perth

5 Stars

Duck Duck Bruce, Fremantle

All real estate agents should specify how close properties are to the nearest bus stop, school, park, and to Duck Duck Bruce. The menu will make you laugh, and then salivate, and then ruminate, but the entire cafe will just make you smile.

Tbsp, Bayswater

You’ll feel like you’re eating Michelin star food even though you’ve only spent twenty bucks or less. Every dish is imaginative and thoughtful and the Asian twists are spectacular.

4.5 Stars

Mary Street Bakery, Highgate

There’s a reason why this bakery is an institution. You feel part of the family when you go there, whether it’s a coffee and the best pastry you’ve ever eaten, or a cocktail and something delicious from their menu.

Port City Roasters, South Fremantle

4 Stars

Architects and Heroes, Subiaco

To be honest, I’ve only tried one dish here. But every time I go back, I can’t look past it. It’s beetroot cured salmon with wasabi avocado.

Bib and Tucker, North Fremantle

A cafe with such stellar beach views could serve up anything and it’d still be a wonderful experience. Yet the menu is exciting and the dishes are even more delicious than their descriptions sounded.

The Little Banksia, Kensington

Good Things, Mosman Park